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Fixed Snap Hooks

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SNAP3141Z 3141z Fixed Hook ¾ in Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Snap Hook 3/4 in Malleable Iron Zinc Plated 150
FLATHOOK1ZY Flat Cargo Hook Flat Cargo Hook 1 in Steel Zinc Yellow 150
FORGEHOOK2Z Forged Hook Forged Hook LC-05 2 in Alloy Steel Zinc Plated 50
SNAP249B Solid Brass Snap Hook Solid Brass with Stainless Steel Spring #249B 5/8 x 2 3/16 in Solid Brass Solid Brass 500
SNAP249M-3Z Fixed Snap Hook #249M-3-ZP, 3 in Length 11/16 in Malleable Iron Zinc Plated 500
SNAP340Z58N Fixed Snap Hook #340z 5/8 in Zinc Die Cast Nickel Plated 2,500
SNAP5016-1Z Spring Hook #5016S Spring Hook 1 in Steel Zinc Plated 600
SNAPHDEYEBR Heavy Duty Snap Hook #2987-58BK Heavy Duty Snap Outer Length: 4 in
Slot: .67
Carbon Steel Black Resin 150
SNAPSQEYE1SB Square -Eye Snap Hook #56B Square -Eye Snap 1 in Solid Brass Solid Brass 500
SNAPSQEYE34SB Square -Eye Snap Hook #56B Square-Eye Snap 3/4 in Solid Brass Solid Brass 500
SNPHK1BSS Snap Hook #200S Snap Hook 1 in Steel Black Resin 500
SNPHK115SS Fixed Snap Hook #2470S-50 Outer Length: 1 15/16 in #316 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel 1,000
SAXHOOK-PVC Fixed PVC Hook Sax Strap Hook 1 in Steel PVC Coated 2,000
  Results 1 - 13 of 13 1